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Since 2014, Epicenter drives thoughtful, analytical, and high-level discussions with some of the most influential people in the blockchain and decentralized technology ecosystem. This weekly podcast, available in both video and audio, reaches a global audience of people passionate about the innovation being brought upon by this industry. With hundreds of hours of content on the economic, technical, and philosophical implications of this technology, Epicenter has become a premier platform for close observers of the blockchain space.

We endorse companies and products we believe are shaping and creating value for the blockchain ecosystem

As independent producers, we partner with companies we can get to know and feel good about supporting. Our litmus test when choosing to work with a sponsor is, would we recommend this to our friends.

We work closely with sponsors to produce engaging messages which will connect with our audience, and create campaigns which build trust with your brand long-term. Host-read ads are played during commercial breaks and as pre-rolls at the beginning of every episode.

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Epicenter is growing organically across all platforms year-over-year

  • 200,000+ Plays/Month
  • 30,000+ Subscribers
  • 175% Average Annual Growth
Listener profiles
  • Newcomers to the blockchain ecosystem
  • Blockchain industry professionals
  • Cryptocurrency users
  • Investors
  • Regulators*
  • * Epicenter was referenced in a 2017 SEC report
Epicenter in numbers
  • 250+ episodes
  • 300+ guests
  • 4.7 average iTunes rating
  • 4.5 years
  • 5 hosts
  • 1 episode per week

Podcasts build engaged and active listener-bases who are sensitive to thoughts and opinions of influencers

More and more, people are turning to podcasts as a means to learn about the topics they care about. Studies have shown that the proportion of Americans listening to podcasts has nearly doubled in the past nine years. Podcasts are quickly becoming the premier channel for brands to build strong bonds with captivated audiences.

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Reputable brands in the blockchain industry and beyond trust Epicenter

  • Shapeshift
  • Ledger
  • Gnosis
  • Vaultoro
  • Jaxx
  • innogy

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