8 April 2020

Audience survey: the results are in!


Two months after lunching our first survey, we learned so much about our listeners, and how we can make the podcast event better

Wall of ❤️

After hosting Epicenter for nearly 6 ½ year, I feel like I know our audience pretty well. I’ve meet and spoke to so many of your guys over the years to have a general sense of our average listener’s persona.

But getting real, tangible data is more difficult. Sure, we have podcast analytics. But the numbers are fragmented across platforms, and are mostly limited to downloads and geography.

So last year, I started asking myself some deeper questions about just who are our listeners. I wanted to know things like:

  • For how long you’ve been with us
  • How often you listen
  • If you think we’re going a good job as hosts
  • What are your motivations for listening
  • What kinds of topics you’re into
  • If you interact with our sponsors
  • What other podcast you listen to

Suffice to say, this information isn’t reported by our analytics platforms. So how dis we learn these things. Simple, we asked you!

In February, we announced our audience survey, and the responses started pouring in. Two months later, here’s what we learned.

Survey summary

First, it’s obvious that the data presented isn’t statistically accurate. The sample size isn’t large enough and probably isn’t representative of our entire audience. But it does provide some interesting data which are useful to identify certain trends.

As an incentive to complete the survey, our long-time sponsor, ShapeShift, and offered free KeepKey hardware wallets to everyone answered. Thanks to their team for being a part of this!

  • Number of responses: 198
  • Free KeepKeys given out: 112
  • Completion rate: 76.2%
  • Number of questions: 25
  • Average time to complete: 12:52
  • Promotion: on the podcast, social media, newsletter and handed out flyers at EthCC

Note: It was surprising to see that the actual time to completion was over 10 minutes, when I had estimated (and announced) 4–5 minutes.

Key insights we learned from the survey

Binge listeners rule 🤘

No surprise here. Of the people who answered the survey, 64% listen to the podcast at least once per month

Note: This question acted as a filter and non-listeners skipped all further questions about the podcast itself.

OGs in da house 😎

This was really nice to see! Amongst listeners, 73% started listening over six months ago. And 41% are O.G. fans — listening for over 2 years!

#nofilter 👊

It’s great to see that people think we’re doing our job at keeping everyone honest. We’ve come a long way from the days when some people criticized us for being too nice and non-confrontational. We’re still nice, but not afraid to peer intro controversial topics.

Not too long, not too short, just right 👌

We often wonder if episodes run too long. According to this, we shouldn’t change a thing.

The money shot 🤑

When it comes to sponsors, we only partner with companies we trust and who are doing great things in the industry. This is a reflection of only working with the best.

What other podcasts do you trust? 🎧

It’s satisfying to see our listeners are fans Zero Knowledge Podcast (also, not a surprise since we’re both nerdy af). Laura does an amazing job on Unconfirmed and Unchained, but seeing her in first place was a surprise since our audience is so technical.

How can we better serve you? 🤔

When it comes to providing more value, I was surprised to see that news updates came up first, when so many others in the space do this quite well.

But in terms of what we could realistically provide, round-table discussions and debates seems more than feasible.

This is just a sample of questions we asked in the survey. You can check out the full report.

Thanks agains to everyone who responded. We learned a lot from this experience and will certainly do it again in the future!

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