Trent McConaghy

Ascribe – The Internet of Ownership

The idea of using the Bitcoin blockchain to represent and track the ownership of off-chain assets is almost as old as Bitcoin itself. One of the startups that is pursuing this vision is Berlin-based Ascribe, which allows creators to register (‘ascribe’), transfer and archive digital art.

Ascribe CTO joined us for a fascinating discussion of their ambitious goals to enable a so-far elusive secondary market for digital art, help creators monetize their work and ultimately retrofit an entire ownership layer to the internet.

Topics we discussed in this episode
  • Why ownership in the internet is broken
  • How Ascribe wants to realize the vision of Project Xanadu of an internet with bi-directional links and baked-in copyrights
  • How the SPOOL (Secure Public Online Ownership Ledger) protocol works
  • The components of the Ascribe tech stack
  • How Ascribe will crawl and similarity-match the entire internet to retrofit an internet of ownership
  • Why Ascribe focuses first on the digital art market