Rodolfo Novak

Coinkite and the Feature Factory

Started in May 2013, Coinkite has by now almost advanced to senior citizen status in the short-lived Bitcoin startup space. CEO Rodolfo Novak joined us for a discussion about what drove their initial interest in Bitcoin, why they initially focused on providing ‘bank-like’ services and how they’ve transitioned to powering the infrastructure of countless Bitcoin startups with their API. We also discussed multi-sig and the business strategy they pursued that allowed them to be profitable and not require venture funding.

Topics we discussed in this episode
  • How Coinkite started
  • Why they have come away from calling themselves a Bitcoin bank
  • Why they have been putting so much emphasis on multi-sig
  • How they’ve ended up building an insane amount of features
  • The transition of their business model to providing a powerful API for startups
  • What the Bitcoin ecosystem in Toronto is like