Gideon Greenspan

MultiBit – The Blockchain is a New Database Paradigm

Gideon Greenspan, a computer scientist and CEO/Founder of the Israeli startup Coin Sciences, joined us for a discussion of their private blockchain platform MultiChain. Besides diving into the popular question of what’s the point of a private blockchain, we covered his earlier colored coins implementation as well as his view that blockchains are best understood as a novel database paradigm.

Topics we discussed in this episode
  • How Gideon got involved in the blockchain space
  • Their colored coins implementation MultiSpark and why it failed to get traction
  • Why he saw a market for an open-source private blockchain platform and started MultiChain
  • What mining diversity is and how it is used for consensus in MultiChain
  • How permissions work in MultiChain
  • The issues of privacy in blockchains and why you can’t have auditability and privacy
  • How private blockchains differ from regular distributed databases
  • The five criteria to decide if a project needs a blockchain
  • The problem he sees with smart contract blockchains