The Big Chain Powwow

The Bitcoin and blockchain industry has been through a lot this year. While the Bitcoin price has experienced relative stability, perhaps indicating slow growth, the space has grown into a rich and diverse ecosystem of startups and open technologies. Through inspiring proof-of-concepts and exciting use cases, blockchain technologies have gained legitimacy as a viable technology to improve transparency, reduce costs and optimise processes, to name a few of it’s benefits.

In this episode, all three Epicenter Bitcoin hosts, Brian, Sebastien and Meher, come together to look back on the events which marked the space this past year, and speculate on where thing may be heading in the future.

Topics we discussed in this episode
  • Shift in focus from Bitcoin to blockchain technologies
  • Public vs. private blockchain debate
  • Bitcoin blocksize debate
  • Media censorship and r/Bitcoin dictatorship
  • Ethereum and it’s flourishing ecosystem
  • Sebastien’s new startup: Stratumn