Andrew Miller

The Gas Model and Ethereum’s Economics

Andrew Miller is a computer science PhD student at the University of Maryland who focuses on cryptocurrency. Having gotten involved in Bitcoin in 2011 and focused on cryptocurrencies early in his research work, he is one of the most prolific researchers in the field.

Our discussion mainly focused on security aspects of Ethereum including their gas model, Proof-of-Work algorithm and plans to switch to Proof-of-Stake.

Topics we discussed in this episode
  • How he got involved in doing research on Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies
  • The blossoming of academic interest in the topic
  • His work on analyzing Ethereum’s gas model
  • Potential vulnerabilities of the Gas model
  • Ethereum’s PoW algorithm
  • How Ethereum handles the block size limit
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  • Brad A

    This was an excellent interview!
    Andrew Miller demonstrated wide and deep understandings of many aspects of this exciting, revolutionary new era of cryptos. He articulates these complex concepts in accessible, relatively easy to understand ways. I wished the interview could have gone on and on. It was one of EpicenterBitcoin’s best, most informative interviews, which is saying something because this show has had some excellent interviews.
    I hope you have Andrew on again as soon as possible because it appears he has many more understandings and insights of high value to share.