Vinay Gupta

From Lawyer Capitalism to Programmer Capitalism

Vinay Gupta has been a programmer, 1990s cypherpunk, ‘resilience guru’, Ethereum release coordinator and currently collaborates with Consensys to mainstream smart contract technology. He also invented the Hexayurt, a cheap and resilient architectural structure for disaster-stricken communities.

Recently, Vinay has become a thought leader in the cryptocurrency space. He is famed for his eloquence and ability to distill the crypto-finance technological paradigm into easy big-picture visualisations. Check out this podcast for some unique insights into technology, politics and history.

Topics we discussed in this episode
  • His work on resilience. The connection between resilience and cryptocurrencies
  • A history of the cypherpunks – who they were, what they believed in and why they failed.
  • Why smart contracts matter? What is special about them?
  • The impact cryptocurrencies will have on capitalism
  • Why cryptocurrencies could be a great tool to explore basic income