Brock Pierce

From Digital Goods to Digital Currency

We’re joined by , Chairman of the Bitcoin Foundation, investor and all around emblematic figure of the Bitcoin ecosystem. Brock tells his story, from his early beginning a entrepreneur in his teens, to the massively successfull video game industry businesses he built in the early 2000s.

As Chairman of the Bitcoin Foundation, he gives us his perspective on how the Foundation’s role has evolved over time and its areas of focus going forward. Brock also weighs in the recent debates around governance and block size.

Topics we discussed in this episode
  • The lemonade-stand beginnings of Brock’s entrepreneurship story
  • How he became involved in gaming and pioneered the sale of digital goods
  • The 400,000-strong professional gamer supply chain he built in China
  • His first contact with Bitcoin and the initial concerns he had
  • Blockchain Capital and how he ended up investing in dozens of Bitcoin startups
  • The blocksize debate and whether Bitcoin needs an explicit governance process
  • The future of the Bitcoin Foundation