Stephan Tual

Building a Universal Sharing Network on Ethereum and a $150M DAO

In this episode we welcome back Stephan Tual, the COO of Slock.It, a German startup working at the intersection of the Internet of Things and the Ethereum blockchain. Slock.It’s small team also wrote the smart contracts that power ‘The DAO’, a decentralized capital management entity that recently raised north of $160 million for investing into Ethereum based projects. ‘The DAO’ has been featured in many mainstream news outlets, such as New York Times, Wall Street Journal and the Economist.

The interview explores the vision, motivation and challenges behind both ‘The DAO’ and Slock.It.

Topics we discussed in this episode
  • Stephan’s background and role as CCO at Ethereum Foundation.
  • What is ‘The DAO’ and how it relates to Slock.It.
  • DAOlink and the business opportunity of enabling interactions between DAOs and traditional firms.
  • Opportunities, assumptions and challenges for ‘The DAO’.
  • Vision and products of Slock It – Univeral Sharing Network and the Ethereum computer.