Martin Köppelmann

Gnosis – The Ethereum Prediction Market

Few things arouse among free market believers and enthusiasts of decentralization as prediction markets do. By allowing people to bet on any range of outcomes they promise more efficient markets and better information. Few people have worked with as much dedication on making the promise of prediction markets a reality as Martin Köppelmann.

After founding the Bitcoin prediction market Fairlay, he turned to Ethereum and started the Ethereum-based prediction market Gnosis. We discussed his views on the DAO heist, differences between Fairlay and Gnosis and their upcoming tokensale.

Topics we discussed in this episode
  • How the DAO heist happened and what we should learn from it
  • The Bitcoin prediction market Fairlay
  • From Fairlay to Gnosis: Building a prediction market on Ethereum
  • The Gnosis architecture
  • Gnosis’ planned crowdsale and DAO
  • Gnosis business model and what will determine the value of the tokens
  • The difference between Gnosis and Augur