Dominic Williams & Tom Ding

DFINITY – The Quest for a Decentralized Cloud

String Labs founders Tom Ding and Dominic Williams joined us to discuss their project DFINITY, a next-generation blockchain network. Through leveraging technological advances, DFINITY aims to deliver an infinitely scalable decentralized cloud that will be able to power applications from decentralized search to supply chain applications. We covered DFINITY’s approach to scalability, interoperability, consensus as well as their sophisticated approach to governance: The Blockchain Nervous System.

Topics we discussed in this episode
  • Tom and Dominic ended up founding String Labs
  • The DFINITY project and objective of an infinitely scalable decentralized cloud
  • How consensus works in DFINITY
  • Governance in DFINITY through the Blockchain Nervous System
  • Threshold Relay signatures and other new technologies that are part of DFINITY
  • The importance and mechanics of public/private blockchain interoperability
  • DFINITY’s business model