Episode 213

Busting the Great Wall of Hype

Tim Swanson

In the blockchain world, few people are as brave as Tim Swanson when it comes to busting hype. Tim’s unbiased, honest, and sometimes controversial opinions provide a refreshingly realistic view of blockchain adoption and applications of this technology by people and businesses. Cutting through the hype, the over-sold press releases ad the blind optimism of a completely decentralized economy, Tim’s insights provide a sobering look at the state of the blockchain.

Topics discussed in the episode

  • Tim’s background and recent departure from R3
  • The current state of the enterprise blockchain market
  • The state of Bitcoin in the context of the recent price increase
  • Tim’s thoughts on the recent spike in ICO’s
  • The rumors and concerns surrounding Bitfinex and Tether
  • The rise of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies as an asset class
  • Current problems in Bitcoin: governance and centralization of power
  • Tim’s new project: Post Oak Labs

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