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Pamela Morgan: Cryptoasset Inheritance Planning

Episode Summary

Lawyer Pamela Morgan joined us to discuss her new book “Cryptoasset Inheritance Planning”, a simple guide for cryptoasset owners to pass their holdings to their loved ones.

Episode Notes

While many cryptocurrency holders have thought about how to secure their assets, how to pass on cryptoassets in case of one’s death is rarely on people’s mind. Lawyer Pamela Morgan has been helping people and organizations build solutions to safely store their cryptoassets and has recently turned her attention to inheritance planning. Though we have often explored the legal issues surrounding blockchains and cryptocurrencies on Epicenter, never have we discussed the topic of inheritance.

We discussed her new book “Cryptoasset Inheritance Planning” and how people can design a simple plan to give heirs a high chance of recovering assets in less than an hour.

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