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Martin Köppelmann & Matan Field: How the dxDAO could become the world’s largest organization

Episode Summary

We were joined by Martin Köppelmann, Founder of Gnosis, and Matan Field, Founder of DAOstack. We talked about the dxDAO, a DAO, which will manage the decentralized exchange protocol DutchX and could be the first DAO to get escape velocity.

Episode Notes

The concept of DAOs has been captivating to many in the crypto space for years. When “The DAO” was created in 2016, in the few weeks of its existence and despite obvious flaws, it gather tremendous momentum and amassed 14% of the entire ether supply. Since then the technology has matured and Martin and Matan argue that the time for DAOs has finally arrived.

We were joined by DAOstack Founder Matan Field and Gnosis Founder Martin Köppelmann. We talked about the decentralized exchange protocol DutchX. We also talked about how the two projects together created the dxDAO, which will manage the DutchX protocol, but could go onto its own path. A path that could even lead to being the DAO for all of DeFi.

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