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Rune Christensen: Maker DAO – The Central Bank of Web 3.0

Episode Summary

We're joined by Rune Christensen, CEO and Co-Founder of MakerDAO to discuss the rise of DAI as the first successful algorithmically backed stable token as well as the challenges ahead.

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We're joined by Rune Christensen, CEO and Co-Founder of MakerDAO. We discuss the rise of Maker DAI as an algorithmically backed stable token and get into the weeds of the new version featuring multi collateral DAI as well as the ability to natively generate interest on DAI. We also cover the current governance model and how this can be attacked. The governance will undergo an overhall for the new version of Maker, introducing an Emergency Shutdown that can be triggered through MKR holders and promises to make the system more resilient. Lastly, we venture into what Rune hopes the future will bring for MakerDAO.

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This episode is hosted by Sunny Aggarwal & Friederike Ernst. Show notes and listening options: epicenter.tv/298