Episode 348

Numerai – The Crowdsourced Predictive Model Hedge Fund

Richard Craib

Numerai, the “hardest data science tournament on the planet”. It’s a hedge fund with its own distributed research platform designed specifically for AIs. It’s the first of its kind and takes a radically different approach to making market predictions. It’s completely crowd-sourced and data scientists around the world compete to create the best predictions and get paid with cryptocurrencies. Users are completely blind to the data and Numerai is blind to the code, and the predictive models users generate. The result is a hedge fund which is market neutral, currency neutral, and geography neutral. It makes all decisions solely on the data.

Richard Craib, Founder of Numerai, was first on the show 3 years ago when the project’s token, Numeraire, was just launched. Since then they have released a number of additions to the network including Numerai Signals and Erasure Bay, with plenty more in the pipeline.

Topics discussed in the episode

  • An overview of what the past 3 years since the last episode
  • The Numerai staking model
  • Numerai datasets
  • What is a market neutral fund
  • Numerai’s current assets and their position in the market
  • Staking liquid NMR
  • The latest project – Numerai Signals
  • Numerai’s prediction markets Erasure Bay
  • How the future looks for hedge funding on the blockchain

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