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Camila Russo: The Defiant – Laying Bare the Story of Ethereum

Episode Summary

Camila Russo is a financial journalist and author. She recently wrote “The Infinite Machine”, a book which lays bare the foundations of Ethereum.

Episode Notes

Camila Russo is a financial journalist, starting her career writing for Chile's largest national newspaper. She then spent 8 years at Bloomberg covering the Argentine market from Buenos Aires, the European stocks from Madrid, and analysed macro emerging markets moves for the Markets Live blog in New York.

She is the founder of the Defiant and recently wrote and released a book on the foundations of Ethereum, “The Infinite Machine”. This tells the story of how 19-year-old coding genius Vitalik Buterin led a “ragtag group of feuding hackers with no business plan and no live product” to pioneer a whole new way of raising money, on a platform that’s grown to a value of $27 billion. It is being hailed a complete hit and we highly recommend you give it a read.

Camila joined us to chat about how her journey through journalism led her to crypto, and how she became a successful author.

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