Episode 466

ATOM 2.0 – Deep Dive

Ethan Buchman
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Since its announcement a few weeks ago at Cosmoverse in Medellin, Atom 2.0 has sparked intense debate in the Cosmos community and throughout the blockchain ecosystem. It proposes three pillars for the Cosmos Hub: Interchain Security, the Interchain Allocator, and the Interchain Scheduler. However, parts of the paper have been contested and debated over fears of token holder dilution, potential treasury mismanagement, and even the collapse of the Hub. We chat with Ethan Buchman and Zaki Manian to dive deep into Atom 2.0 and its vision for Cosmos moving forward.

Topics discussed in the episode

  • The ATOM 2.0 announcement and follow up
  • The goal of the whitepaper
  • Interchain Security and its role in Cosmos’ future
  • Interchain Security vs. Mesh Security
  • Cosmos scalability
  • Liquid staking in the Cosmos ecosystem
  • Distributing funds through the Allocator
  • Atom issuance model
  • The motivation behind the Interchain Scheduler
  • The governance process – voting on the whitepaper
  • Next steps to community adoption


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