Episode 468

Wormhole – The Cross Chain Messaging Protocol

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Wormhole is a decentralized cross chain messaging protocol powering the transfer of value and information across high value chains. A network of Guardian nodes secure the protocol by observing and attesting to events and data on its connected chains. These attestations are gossiped around the open Wormhole peer-to-peer network, allowing anyone connected to the network to observe the flow of information. Portal is a bridging app built on top of Wormhole where users can seamlessly bridge tokens and NFTs across supported chains and easily enter the network’s ecosystem.

We were joined by Dev Bharel, Developer Relations for Wormhole. He gave us great insight into how the protocol works, security assumptions and incidents, the concept of generalized messaging passaging, and the Portal Bridge as a first adopter of the Wormhole protocol. We also chatted about what else is being built on Wormhole, and how you can get involved.

Topics discussed in the episode

  • Dev’s background and how he got into crypto
  • An overview of Wormhole
  • The different network ecosystems in Wormhole and challenges with adding new networks
  • The Wormhole guardian network and its plans for expansion
  • The user experience on Portal Bridge
  • Relayers on the network
  • Using Wormhole bridge assets directly with non-native tokens
  • The Wormhole hack and the changes that have been made
  • Using zero knowledge proof on bridges



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