Episode 469

Nation3 – Creating a Sovereign Cloud Nation

Luis Cuende
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For centuries, we have been led to believe that nation states are the only way to organize humankind at scale. But governments all around the world are failing to react swiftly to the severe destruction of our planet from things like war and climate change, and this is endangering our whole species.

Nation3 is ready to overturn this, by building a Web3-powered, tax-free, solarpunk sovereign cloud nation. It is structured as a DAO, meaning there is no legal entity, no gatekeepers, and no influence by trad states. The goal is to gradually build or invest in products and services that allow citizens to be actively involved in economic activity. The $NATION token serves as the gateway to participate in the community Discord, participate in governance decisions, receive an NFT passport, and eventually receive services provided by the new cloud nation.

We were joined by founders Luis and Anastasiya to chat about why they see this is as necessary for humankind, how the legal, governance and economic aspects will work, and the long term visions for the project.

Topics discussed in the episode

  • Luis and Anastasiya’s backgrounds
  • The problem that Nation3 is trying to solve
  • How the legal system works
  • The differences between Nation3 and traditional nations
  • The core services Nation3 will provide
  • Why is the nation tax-free and how will the economy be supported?
  • Issues with selling passports
  • How will democracy work?
  • The biggest learnings from Aragon
  • What is the vision for acquiring land


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