Episode 473

Epicenter Hosts – The Bear Is Back: Recollections From 2022

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This year has been quite a rollercoaster for the crypto industry. From the long-awaited success of the Ethereum Merge to the spectacular collapse of FTX, this year has been full of lessons, resilience, and insights. This is also one of a few bear markets where activities and developments continue to feel vibrant across the board, while long-term adoption and regulations seem evermore uncertain.

With that backdrop, our hosts sit down for a conversation on the current state of crypto and look back on 2022. The topics range from the general public sentiment to key developments within the industry, as well as exciting themes that the hosts are looking forward to in the upcoming future. Throughout the conversation, the hosts also express concerns over the issues with privacy and regulations, and how the ecosystems can resiliently move forward.

Topics discussed in the episode

  • General public sentiment heading into the new year, after Luna and FTX collapse
  • CeFi versus DeFi
  • Crypto Regulations and adoption trends
  • The Ethereum Merge, MEV, and OFAC-sanction
  • Roadmap and community development for censorship resistance
  • zkEVM and Eigen Layer
  • The future of Cosmos Ecosystem and Cosmos Hub
  • The state of Urbit
  • Urbit and crypto
  • Thoughts on the Solana community and ecosystem


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