Episode 478

Ethereum Foundation – EIP-4844 & KZG Ceremony

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The recent advancements of layer 2 scaling solutions, especially zero-knowledge rollups, led to a complete redesign of Ethereum’s scalability roadmap. As a result, the initial concept of sharding the execution layer was abandoned and replaced by the idea of data sharding. This proposal, named after its author, is known as Danksharding. EIP-4844 is also referred to as proto-danksharding as it sets the foundation for data sharding, through the introduction of data blobs.

We were joined by Carl Beekhuizen & Trenton Van Epps from the Ethereum Foundation, to discuss about the upcoming EIP-4844 timeline and its KZG ceremony.

Topics discussed in the episode

  • Trent’s and Carl’s backgrounds
  • Danksharding and scaling Ethereum
  • Data BLOBs and data availability
  • KZG ceremony
  • How trusted setups evolved
  • KZG commitment requirements
  • How trust is ensured
  • Combining randomness
  • How storing secrets is prevented
  • General contribution details
  • Special contributions
  • Quantum vulnerability
  • General EIP-4844 timeline


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