Episode 494

Andreessen Horowitz – A16z Crypto Investment Thesis

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When it comes to top-tier VCs, very few equal Andreessen Horowitz’ (a16z) impressive portfolio, which stretches over both Web2 and Web3. Their crypto venture arm includes investments in most industry verticals, from infrastructure projects to NFTs and blockchain gaming. Constructing such a solid investment thesis requires conviction in the long-term prospects of the industry, as well as an influential network.

We were joined by Ali Yahya, GP at Andreessen Horowitz, to discuss about a16z structure, operations and investment thesis, as well as the broader crypto landscape and value proposition.

Topics discussed in the episode

  • Ali’s background
  • Why Google didn’t embrace crypto
  • a16z’s team structure
  • The role of a GP in a VC
  • a16z’s thesis when it comes to crypto investing
  • Which crypto niches Ali is most bullish on
  • Governance vs. platform risk
  • Valuation-based investments
  • Protocol revenue and monetary premium for L1s
  • Token vs. Equity
  • How to prevent banking crisis contagion for crypto projects

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