Episode 495

Avalanche – The Future of Crypto: From Gaming to LLM-Powered Smart Contracts

Emin Gün Sirer
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As the second Avalanche summit drew to a close, Sebastien Couture and Sunny Aggarwal sat down with Emin Gün Sirer for a fascinating conversation exploring future innovation narratives in crypto. Longtime friend of Epicenter, Ava Labs’ founder and CEO shared his unique insights on the industry, from both a founder, as well as a former academia perspective. Given Avalanche’s consensus & architecture, it boasts high TPS and scalability properties, incentivising founders to build better products in the AVAX ecosystem.

One of the most controversial narratives is that of LLMs (i.e. ChatGPT) powering smart contract development by bypassing programming languages and even bytecode altogether. The question arises if replacing the human third-party with an AI fixes trust issues or not, but only time will tell which piece of code we can actually consider ‘law’.

Topics discussed in the episode

  • Emin’s background, from academia to running a multi-billion dollar company
  • Main takeaways from the 2nd Avalanche summit
  • Innovation narratives in the Avalanche ecosystem. NFTs & blockchain gaming
  • The Avalanche architecture, consensus & scalability
  • Avalanche’s evolution
  • ChatGPT smart contracts & no-code blockchains
  • Auditing AI & security
  • Innovation vs. Stagnation
  • Bitcoin, BTC.b & ordinals
  • Bridging Cosmos with Avalanche: IBC x Warp
  • Best & worst products built by crypto

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