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Near Protocol: 'Blockchains Cannot Scale Without Sharding!' - Illia Polosukhin & Alex Skidanov

Episode Summary

We were joined by Illia Polosukhin & Alex Skidanov, co-founders of Near Protocol, to discuss why rollups are inefficient at scaling blockchains and how Near’s sharding fixes this bottleneck.

Episode Notes

The initial scaling roadmap for Ethereum featured execution layer sharding. However, the rapid advancements of layer 2 scaling solutions in general, and zero knowledge proofs in particular, caused a restructuring of the original plan. The reason was that rollups would have required less changes made to Ethereum’s base layer, hence lower risks. On the other hand, Near Protocol was designed from the ground up as a sharded system, capable of withstanding billions of transactions simultaneously, without sacrificing decentralisation or security.

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This episode is hosted by Meher Roy.