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Alluvial: Institutional Liquid Staking and Spot Ethereum ETF - Mara Schmiedt

Episode Summary

We were joined by Mara Schmiedt, CEO of Alluvial, to discuss how institutional players regard liquid staking and how infrastructure evolved since the early days of ETH POS.

Episode Notes

The massive success of the recently approved spot Bitcoin ETF showed tremendous interest from large institutional players. Even despite negative takes in public appearances, behind the curtain, more and more ‘smart money’ accumulate $BTC, either directly or through ETF shares. The same is to be expected for Ethereum, yet uncertainty still looms due to its proof-of-stake consensus model and, ultimately, staking yield. While crypto natives quickly embraced both ETH staking as well as liquid staking, institutions could not justify the higher risk profile and lack of regulatory compliance. Alluvial and Liquid Collective seek to change this and provide ultrasound infrastructure for enterprise-grade security in liquid staking. 

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This episode is hosted by Felix Lutsch.