Gavin Andresen

Chief Scientist, Bitcoin Foundation
Gavin Andresen

Developer Gavin Andresen was one of the first contributors to bitcoin core. In 2010, he succeeded Satoshi Nakamoto as chief maintainer of bitcoin’s open access code and the project’s main developer. He held the position until 2014, when handed over to Wladimir van der Laan.

Dedicated to advancing the public perception of bitcoin, Andresen helped to set up the Bitcoin Foundation, a non-profit group to support and promote bitcoin. He serves as Chief Scientist for the foundation, a role which has made him a public figure for bitcoin.

In 2016, Andresen shocked the bitcoin community when he backed developer Craig Wright’s unproven claim to be the real person behind the Satoshi Nakamoto alias.

In 2017, Andresen announced that he is working on the bitcoin-inspired Random Sanity Project, a free open-source service that aims to help secure the internet by detecting and reporting random number generation failures.

Andresen previously created bitcoin escrow service ClearCoin, which closed in 2011. Before joining the bitcoin project, he worked in software development for a number of companies, focusing on 3D graphics and virtual reality modelling.

He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Princeton University.