Jarrad Hope

Co-founder, Status
Jarred Hope

Jarrad is the thought leader and Co-founder of Status, an open source mobile client for the Ethereum Network that serves as a gateway to DApps, secure wallet, and more. Status raised more than $100M in less than twenty-four hours through its token sale of SNT.

Jarrad has been involved in the Blockchain technology space since 2010, and has been an active contributor to Ethereum since its inception. He possesses a strong vision to leverage the cutting edge technology of Blockchain, as well as employ crypto-economics in our society’s future, with a higher goal of pushing the movement of ‘libre software’ forward.

Jarrad established the Ethereum Amsterdam Meetup, which now has hundreds of members organizing and taking parts in its events. Jarrad has also been an active contributor to OpenNARS an academic general-purpose AI project. Prior to Status, he founded several successful startups, primarily around software distribution.