Jimmy Song

Instructor, Programming Blockchain LLC
Jimmy Song

Austin-based entrepreneur Jimmy Song is a bitcoin developer and early adopter. He is committed to teaching about blockchain and growing the presence of developers in the bitcoin community. He is the creator of the interactive seminar Programming Blockchain, which provides developers with the tools to contribute to the bitcoin ecosystem.

Song writes for CoinDesk on topics such as bitcoin mining and scaling. He maintains his own blog, *Bitcoin Tech Talk* and contributes to the World Crypto Network on YouTube. He is also a regular contributor to Medium where he discusses topics such as Segwit, bitcoin, bitcoin gold, Zcash, and other cryptocurrencies.

In January 2018, Blockchain Capital announced that Song had joined the company as a venture partner.

Prior to founding Programming Blockchain, Song was a principal architect at fintech blockchain firm Paxo. He was previously the Vice President of Engineering at Armory, where he developed secure bitcoin wallet software, and was a senior software engineer at Monetas, integrating bitcoin with open transactions. He also developed software for a number of commercial organisations.

Song holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics grad from the University of Michigan. He also spent a semester studying at the Technical University in Budapest.