Naveed Sherwani

President & CEO, SiFive
Naveed Sherwani

Dr. Sherwani brings over 23 years of experience in technical engineering and general management to his position as President and CEO of Open-Silicon. Prior to co-founding Open-Silicon, Dr. Sherwani was the founder and General Manager of Intel Microelectronics Services where he led efforts to promote the use of disciplined ASIC methodologies to improve design efficiency and time-to-market. He currently chairs the GSA (Global Semiconductor Association) Technical Steering Committee.

Dr. Sherwani co-architected the Intel microprocessor design methodology and environment that has been used in several leading microprocessors. Prior to joining Intel, he worked as a consultant for various telecommunications and computer companies, mainly focusing on ASIC design flow and cell library design to improve time-to-market. He also served as a Professor at Western Michigan University, where his research concentrated on VLSI Physical Design Automation, combinatorics, and graph algorithms.

Dr. Sherwani is the author of textbook on Physical Design, which is widely used as the main textbook at major universities around the world. In addition, he has authored or co-authored three books and over 100 articles on various aspects of Physical Design Automation and ASICs.

In the last 15 years, he has been a frequent speaker at DAC, ICCAD, the International Conference on VLSI and other major conferences around the world. Dr. Sherwani received his Ph.D from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.