Nicolas Courtois

Senior Lecturer, University College London
Nicolas Courtois

Nicolas Courtois is a cryptologist and code-breaker.
He is a Senior Lecturer at University College London.
At UCL we have a specialist M.Sc. programme in Information Security.
He has done his PhD thesis in cryptology at Paris 6 University. For 7 years he worked as a cryptologist in a biggest secure hardware manufacturer in the world Gemalto.
He has filed 10+ patents on industrial applications of cryptology, embedded security, smart cards and side-channel attacks.He has authored several papers on bitcoin. Here are his slides on bitcoin.
He is the author of the so called “Theory of Self-Destruction of Crypto Currencies”. He has invented developed countless ways to compute private keys in bitcoin due to bad randoms, key management, brain wallets etc, see for these slides and this paper or this. His recent works are about hiding criminal or just ordinary anonymous transactions inside the ordinary bitcoin blockchain some of which will be just totally invisible.