Roger Ver

Co-founder & CEO, CoinPip
Roger Ver

Roger Ver discovered bitcoin in early 2011 and quickly became a bitcoin investor and adopter. His first investment, in 2011, was in, a bitcoin exchange payment processor founded by Charlie Shrem and Gareth Nelson. He went on to fund the seed round for companies including bitcoin payment service provider bitpay, bitcoin exchange Kraken and cryptocurrency wallet

Since discovering bitcoin, Ver has since been a strong advocate for the cryptocurrency, earning him the nickname ‘Bitcoin Jesus’. He is one of five founders of the Bitcoin Foundation, having provided a large amount of the seed funding for the organisation in 2012.

Ver has sought to make bitcoin a functional currency. He founded and was CEO of Memory Dealers, a memory and hardware company that was the first mainstream company to accept bitcoin as payment. He later created, where bitcoin could be used to pay for hundreds of thousands of items.

In 2017 Ver joined the board of advisors at fintech firm The NAGA Group.

In August 2011, Ver made a public bet that bitcoin would outperform gold, silver, the US stock market by more than one hundred times over the next two years. His prediction was off by two months, and he donated the promised amount of 1,000 bitcoin (by that time around $1 million) to the Foundation for Economic Education (FEE).

He also donated $160,000 to the defense of Ross Ulbricht, the creator of the bitcoin black market Silk Road, following his arrest.