Ryan X. Charles

CEO, Money Button
Ryan X. Charles

Ryan X. Charles and Clemens Lay co-founded Yours in 2015, with a full launch in 2017. Charles is also the CEO of Yours, a decentralised content network that rewards contributors with bitcoin. The platform allows content producers and curators to earn money through peer-to-peer payments.

Before founding Yours, Charles was the Cryptocurrency Engineer at Reddit, working on a never-launched decentralisation project to distribute crypto equity to Reddit users. He also developed bitcoin multisig security at BitGo.

Previously, Charles was a Software Engineer at BitPay, developing bitpay, a javascript implementation of bitcoin, and Copay, the world’s first p2p multisig wallet.

Charles has been a member of the bitcoin community since early 2011, and has been working on bitcoin software full-time since 2013. He educates people about blockchain as a teacher at the Blockchain University.

Charles holds a PhD in Physics, with a focus on astrophysics, from the University of Washington, St Louis. He also has a Bachelor’s degree in Physics and Mathematics from the University of Missouri-Columbia.