Tuur Demeester

Founder, Adamant Capital
Tuur Demeester

Tuur Demeester is founding partner of Adamant Capital, a Bitcoin Alpha fund. He is also an investor and commentator on developments in the blockchain space.

In 2011, Demeester launched an investment newsletter, *MacroTrends*, eventually passing the project onto a successor in 2013. He was also an Editor at wealth management firm Goldonomic.

In 2006, Demeester co-founded the Rothbard Institute, a Belgian research-oriented think tank focused on law and economic theory. He speaks at cryptocurrency conferences and is also a freelance translator of economic books.

Demeester started recommending Bitcoin as an investment when it was worth $5. He participated in angel investment rounds of blockchain startups CoinTerra and Kraken.

He studied a number of subjects, including economics and philosophy, at Ghent University.