Vinay Gupta

CEO, Mattereum
Vinay Gupta

Vinay Gupta is the current CEO of Mattereum, which was founded in 2017. Mattereum is an Internet of Agreements infrastructure project, bringing legally-enforceable smart contracts, and enabling the sale, lease, and transfer of physical property and legal rights. He designed the company’s corporate strategy and maintains its reputation.

Gupta is also a Blockchain Fellow for Digital Catapult, a UK government-funded program aiming to increase the innovation in the country. He is also working on Hexayurt Capital, which is a fund meant to invest in the Internet of Agreements.

Previously, Gupta coordinated the release of the Ethereum project, managing communications around the launch of the project. He has also worked with blockchain production studio ConsenSys Systems as its Strategic Architect, and acted as the architect for the National Blockchain Strategy in Dubai.

Gupta has spent many years in humanitarian work and is the creator behind the hexayurt, which has been used as a refugee shelter. He was also on the editorial team for economics book Small is Profitable.

Gupta attended school at the Government College and Ajmer, in India, where he earned his BSc and MSc degrees. He also enrolled for his PhD at Maharshi Dayanand Saraswati University and secured his PhD in 1997.