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Adam B. Levine

Adam B. Levine

Adam B. Levine is an entrepreneur, writer and speaker who aims to make cryptocurrencies understandable and relevant to as wide an audience as possible. Levine the creator, editor and host of the Let's Talk Bitcoin! podcast, which has been running since April 2013. He is also the founder of the LTB publishing network, a cryptocurrency content platform where participation is rewarded with LTBCoin tokens. In 2014, Levine founded Tokenly, a company building open source tools to make tokens more useful and redeemable. For example, tokens can be used by businesses to grant users rights, access, and verify ownership in a way that is trustless and efficient. Levine is Tokenly’s CEO. Levine has worked as a cryptocurrency consultant, advising startups including, a bitcoin crowdfunding site, and He was also a senior fellow with the Bitcoin Education Project.

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