Founder & CEO, Golem

Julian Zawistowski

Julian Zawistowski

Julian Zawistowski is a Polish programmer and blockchain enthusiast based in Warsaw ​. He is the Founder and CEO of Golem.Julian earned a Masters in International Politics and Economics in 2004 from the Warsaw School of Economics ​.Julian is an economist by trade and has worked as an Assistant to the National Bank of Poland ​ and of Unit at the Polish Ministry of Economy and Labour. ​ In 2006, Julian became the Vice President at the IBS- Institute for Structural Research and six years later was promoted to the Chairman of the Foundation Council of the same organization.​ He has founded several companies including Claimstorm, imapp, and the Golem Factory. Julian entered the blockchain space in 2013 and was part of the development of Ethereum ​ while it was still in it's infancy. The idea for Golem, a decentralized supercomputer blockchain, was first thought of in February 2014 and was presented at DevCon in 2014. Julian and his time thought of the name Golem from science fiction writer Stanislaw Lem ​’s novel Golem XIV ​, about a military supercomputer ​ that achieved singularity ​ and became like a super artificial intelligence ​.

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