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Trent McConaghy

Trent Mcconaghy

Trent McConaghy is founder of Ocean Protocol, a decentralized substrate for AI data & services. It's designed to catalyze a data commons side-by-side with many data marketplaces, make verified & privacy-preserving compute more accessible, and give provenance to training data, model building, and prediction. This in turn can help catalyze autonomous driving, medical research, and more. His long-term goal is to help ensure that humanity has a role in an increasingly autonomous world.
Trent started his career by doing AI research for national defense in the 1990s, while still an undergraduate.
Then, in his first startup (ADA), he explored the relation between human creativity and AI-based machine creativity. Synopsys acquired ADA in 2004.
Trent extended that work during his PhD from 2004-2008, and found a way to reconcile machine creativity with existing engineering knowledge.
In his second startup (Solido), Trent & his team leveraged AI to help drive Moore's Law, which was under threat due to high manufacturing variations. Now, Solido software is used for most modern chip designs. Siemens acquired Solido in 2017.
His third and current startup is all about democratizing data for the planet. That startup has hatched ascribe (2013) and BigchainDB (2015). Its focus is on Ocean Protocol (2017).

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